Land, rurality and data systems during Covid-19: Coordinating a continental response by Constance Mogale

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Author: Constance Mogale

Covid-19 has shifted the goalposts for conventional activism and organising, where conscious and deliberate coordination has never been so crucial for the survival of humanity. Webinars, which aren’t a recent phenomenon, have acquired a whole new relevance. In our continued response to the pandemic, The Alliance for Rural Democracy (ARD) hosted our second webinar, Towards a Strategic Response: Applying a Rural Lens to Integrated Geo-Spatial Information during COVID-19, featuring a discussion between Siyabu Manona, Nancy Kachingwe and Esther Obaikol. 

The three generously shared their work as it relates to information and data systems; the importance of geospatial information systems in mitigating African governments’ responses to the pandemic and; how this can help in the fight to elevate people’s lives and livelihoods, as well as to assist in governments’ attempts to trace and track citizens who might have contracted the virus or possibly came into contact with anyone who tested positive for Covid-19.

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