The Alliance for Rural Democracy

We are a collective of civil society organization and community groupings championing rural democracy and restorative land justice.


A Collective of Civil Society Organisations

We have consistently argued that democratic South Africa has failed to meet key constitutional obligations to ensure security of land tenure for residents of the former Bantustans.

Working with activists, movements and organizations, we have built strong networks across five provinces in South Africa to capacitate activists and communities to actively resist, mobilize and organize against the erosion of their land rights and the marginalization of former homelands in the national consciousness constructed as a post apartheid democratic dispensation. 

This has included issues of local governance, traditional authority and socio-economic development. Our work involves partnerships between community based organizations, movements and NGOs providing research, advocacy and legal support.


ARD In Numbers

The ARD works to challenge undemocratic practices and discriminatory laws through on the ground campaigns; test law reform through cases brought before the courts and; capacity building initiatives for rural communities and activists; participatory research; and other related policy work.

We operate in the Eastern Cape, Limpopo, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Mpumalanga, and the North West

Volunteering time, experience, skills and resources to represent rural communities across South Africa

Our organization has connected with over 10 000 rural citizens. This includes capacity building workshops with community representatives; mass mobilization campaigns and participatory research and collaboration for submissions to parliament and lobbying, and more recently, direct COVID19 social relief.

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